Invest in Proper Winter Wiper Blades This Season

Winter wiper blades are highly important for the changing season. Poway Honda is here with some recommendations that we believe you should consider.

For most manufacturers, they suggest examining your wiper blades once every six months. The rubber piece weakens from chemicals, climate, ozone, and debris in the road. If they are chattering or streaking, they should be replaced promptly. This is especially important with the coming winter season. When replacing them, make sure to get the winter wiper blades. They are sturdier, have rubber coating, and the blades are a softer rubber. This helps with ice clogging, blades bending, and will resist tearing.

Regular wiper blades are not specifically designed for the cold weather. They can actually leave you blind from any oncoming headlight glare, and make viewing blurry. Be safe this holiday season, and exchange your regular wiper blades for winter wiper blades. Your vehicles glass will stay clear, and visibility will be highly increased. Contact your Poway Honda to order these important parts today.

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