How to Prepare for a Fun Road Trip

One way you can really have fun and make use of that new SUV is a road trip. Even better, is a well-planned one. We at Poway Honda know this, and we also value your safety that’s why we’re sending you a few tips for the next time you’re going out on that road trip in your SUV.

• Take your vehicle in for a checkup at our dealership, so that any necessary repairs can get done before you set out. You wouldn’t want your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

• Plan ahead for the route you’ll be taking. You should also use a GPS service or a regular map to make sure you stay on track.

• Come up with fun activities to do on the way. Don’t let boredom ruin the mood.

With these tips in mind, your road trip is sure to be a fun affair. Safe travels from all of us here.

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