Handling a Flat Tire

It is impossible to know what happened to the road before you got there. There are a wide assortment of sharp objects that could end up on the road to cause a flat tire. We want you to know that a flat tire isn't a serious issue, as long as you are prepared to take care of it.

There are three essential items needed to fix a spare tire: a lug wrench, a jack, and a spare tire. You use the jack to lift the vehicle, the wrench to remove the tire, then again to attach the spare tire. It is a simple process, but can be blown out of proportion if you don’t have the items you need. You should occasionally check the tire pressure in your spare to ensure that it'll be usable when you need it.

Scheduling routine services for your vehicle is an important step in making sure that your vehicle avoids as many problems as possible. At Poway Honda, our service center can check your fluids and tires to keep them at optimal levels.

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