As your car gets older, it becomes increasingly more important to make sure that its braking system receives regular checks and that maintenance is carried out at intervals that ensure safe operation. The Poway Honda service technicians can help.

While modern cars last far longer than those produced even two decades ago, braking systems are still a checkpoint in the safe operation of cars as they age. Brakes should be checked out at a minimum of six month intervals and probably less than that for those who engage in high-demand driving, such as city driving or driving through mountainous areas.

Parts like brake pads, calipers and rotors will eventually wear out with use. It is important to maintain these parts adequately to ensure that there is not a catastrophic failure at some point. Our dealership has experience servicing repairing brake systems for drivers in Poway, CA and maintain a large inventory of Honda OEM parts. You can schedule Honda auto service online easily and quickly or come in to let us give your car a look over.

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