Oil Change Service: here's why this simple service is so important for the health of your Honda model

One service that's incredibly important for your vehicle - yet easy to overlook - is the oil change. We'll go over what engine oil does and why it is important, how often you should come in, and why you should see us for this basic service instead of a local mechanic.

Lube, Oil, & Filter $59.95

Plus tax. Reg: $79.88

How does engine oil help your Honda vehicle?

Engine oil is a lubricant that keeps the engine and other important vehicle components from grinding together. This helps to ensure that the engine doesn't overheat, which can cause serious and expensive problems for your vehicle. Don't be tempted to skip this basic yet important service. Instead think of it like a dental cleaning. If you go in twice a year, things are good. If you skip a few appointments and then return, you might find out that you now need a lot of expensive work and fillings.

How often do you need to bring your Honda vehicle in for an oil change?

Your owner's manual will tell you the suggested service intervals for oil changes, and they'll also tell you the type of oil your vehicle needs (i.e., conventional, demi, or full synthetic). In the past, drivers needed to come in every 3,000-miles, but with advancements in oil technology, that's no longer the case. For most drivers, it's every 7,500-miles.

If you are leasing your Honda model and don't put a lot of miles on it each year, come in at least once every 12-months for an oil change. This is because oil starts to get gummy and less effective over time.

Why you should visit our Honda service center for an oil change

Since an oil change is such a basic service, why couldn't you just visit a local mechanic? While they'll be able to do the job, they likely won't use oil or oil filters that are made for your specific Honda model. Also, when you come into our service center, we'll run a multi-point inspection to give you peace of mind or let you know if there is something you should be aware of, that way you aren't blindsided. A local mechanic cannot do that.

If you've been riding around with an oil change warning light on, or you're coming up on an interval, click here to schedule an oil change service appointment. We'll have you in and out in no time.

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