Explore Horsepower Before Buying a New Honda Car

Car engineering has come a long way since the invention of the steam engine during the Industrial Revolution. However, some of the engineering terms of those times, such as horsepower, continue to be used today. In Poway, many people depend on automobiles as a primary method of transportation. But how many of them are familiar with the details concerning horsepower?

While some commuters already know the units of horsepower that are available in their cars, not everyone is an expert on how it works. A car’s horsepower is the number of horses needed to force the weight of an object to have motion. Your car’s horsepower is measured by multiplying torque by the engine’s revolutions per minute, or RPM. After that, dividing by 5,252 will give you a total sum of the vehicle’s horsepower, although other methods of calculation exist that multiply the voltage in a car’s battery.

When it comes to car specifications, you’re never alone. If you would rather talk to us in person about horsepower, make a visit to Poway Honda, and we will be delighted to inform you.

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