5 Ways a Used Car from Poway Honda will Fit Your Needs

Are you struggling to decide whether to buy new or used? If you know you want a pre-owned vehicle, are you searching your options for just the right source? Whatever position you're in, Poway Honda is here to help. Our used cars, trucks and SUVs will prove beneficial for your San Diego drives in more ways than one, and we're eager to show you how.


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Save Money in the San Diego Area with Our New Honda Specials

San Diego Drivers Can Save on Their Next Honda Purchase Thanks to Our Specials

There are several advantages to buying new. A new Honda has the latest features, most up-to-date styling and more. Although, buying a new Honda can be pricey. That is why our Honda dealership often runs a variety of new Honda specials!

Our specials include a variety of different models, like the 2018 Honda Clarity and the 2018 Honda Accord. Although, our…

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Signs That You Need to Service Your Ignition

You get into your vehicle in the morning and turn the key to start your engine. You have turned the key, but for some reason, you can't get your vehicle to start running. Don't assume the worst. There might not be a problem with your engine, but rather an issue with your ignition. Here are some common signs that there is an issue with your ignition that you should have addressed:

  • You attempt to start your vehicle but it misfires.
  • Your vehicle seems to be stalling out frequently.
  • Your gas efficiency is slowly decreasing over time. 
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What Can Honda Sensing® do for You?

You made an excellent choice coming to Poway Honda to learn more about the Honda Sensing® technologies. Our Honda sales team stays ready to share information with drivers in the Poway, CA area and beyond regarding the models that we stock in our new car inventory. One component to our customer-focused experience is getting to know the ins-and-outs of our vehicles, and that’s why we’re ready to share an introduction to the Honda Sensing® suite with you today.

What is the Honda Sensing® Technology?


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5 Reasons to go Big: Buy a New Honda SUV!

Time to move on to bigger and better things - you need an SUV! Let the Poway Honda sales team introduce you to five compelling reasons why you may want to go bigger on your next new vehicle purchase.

  • Passenger Capacity: No more scrunched knees! Spread out and bring along extra friends everywhere you go!
  • Safety: Crash testing proves that many modern SUVs can protect you in the event of an accident. Ensure you and the most precious people in your life are safe, regardless of which model you choose. 
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Is it Time to Service Your Brakes?

As your car gets older, it becomes increasingly more important to make sure that its braking system receives regular checks and that maintenance is carried out at intervals that ensure safe operation. The Poway Honda service technicians can help.

While modern cars last far longer than those produced even two decades ago, braking systems are still a checkpoint in the safe operation of cars as they age. Brakes should be checked out at a minimum of six month intervals and probably less than that for those who engage in high-demand driving, such as city driving or through mountainous areas. 

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Transmission Service: When is it Necessary?

The transmission is a vital part of your vehicle that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. The Honda service technicians here at Poway Honda can help you with any transmission services or repairs that your car needs. Transmission service includes:

  • Flushing out old transmission fluid
  • Replacing it with new transmission fluid
  • Inspecting the transmission for any defects

Here's what will happen if you don't have the transmission fluid changed out: 

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The Poway Honda Service Scheduler Saves You Time

Poway Honda has some exciting news for scheduling vehicle service if you’re too busy to spend time on the phone. With our online service scheduler, you can now make your own appointment without having to speak with anyone on the phone or having to settle for a time that’s inconvenient for your busy schedule!

With our online service scheduler, you don’t need to make an appointment during normal business hours. You can make it at any time and from wherever you have internet access. You will find it safe, secure, and extremely user friendly! 

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